What gets measured, gets managed”,
this quote by the late management expert Peter Drucker bridges two platforms
management and analytics which have in turn coalesced two major realms in
today’s world that are ‘business’ and ‘technology’. Business analytics has
become the backbone of every thriving organisation, and the concept of managing
data in such an enormous amount has been possible by computerised technologies
that are flourishing with jet-speed. I am a person who always concentrates more
on the factual knowledge than theoretical knowledge, analytics or mathematics
(as per high school jargon) has always been my field of interest.


one among the top five percentiles of an education institution of repute in
Hyderabad(India) in Computer Science Engineering,
it was always expected from me to dive into the gigantic ocean of programming languages
but I was always keen on welding my two favourite fields computer science and business.  This interest of mine incited me to take a
decision of doing Masters in Analytics. My decision of opting for higher
studies gave me a nudge to polish my basics in computer science and make
complete use of my four years as an engineering graduate, which can be
reflected through my academic score of 82.5%.

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my study in Engineering, I had a strong foundation in the basics of Computer
Science through subjects namely Engineering Mathematics, Data Structures,
Discrete Mathematical Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data
Warehousing and Data Mining.


passion and interest in this field have invigorated me to participate in workshops
like ROBOGENESIS (recognised by Science Park, Korea in association with
Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio) and be a part of java based project titled
“Corruption Control Budget through
Maintenance”, the main
aim of this project is to maintain the flow of the money released by the state
government of a particular financial year and intern control corruption. It
gives department wise information to the registered students. It was built
using My Eclipse 8.x as the workbench and Oracle 10g as the database, as well
as a .NET based project titled “Defect Tracking System”, this system
allows you and your team members to collaboratively file, change, and report on
defects through a web interface. It uses a role based security mechanism. The
interfaces have been designed using ASP.net and the database using MS-SQL
server. Working on these projects helped me in understanding databases and
servlet collaborations.


 I have also served as an intern in HCL which
gave me a practical experience and helped me in developing a professional
acumen. In the span of four years of my engineering I have been a part of the
organising committee of my college fest “PRAMANA”, I have also participated in
flash mobs, debates and essay competitions.


have always believed in being the best at what I do, my diligence, precision in
every arena, sense of cohesion have helped me in maintaining a decorum in my
personal as well as academic journey. As a result of my good leadership and
proficient team spirit skills I was designated with the stature of Head Girl in
my high school as well as the President (student representative) of Rotary
Club. I have maintained an academic consistency by securing 9.8/10 (CGPA) in my
senior secondary education (10th class) and 92% in my higher
secondary education (12th class).


beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people”, I am not only a
strong believer of this ideology but I have experienced this beauty at a
personal level. I was very fortunate to explore the various cultures of India
right from childhood due to my father’s transferable job.  I have lived in different states of India
like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, both my
academic as well as socio-education is an amalgamation of 11 schools. I respect
people from different cultures, religions and countries. I chose the United
States of America because not only it has flourished in terms of technology and
economy, it is considered one of the best country in the world but it also
welcomes people from around the world with open arms. Such an environment will
give me a precise exposure and will help me emerge into a strong and admirable
human being.


order to envision the prospective and role of a business analyst I have
interacted with senior analysts from MNCs like McKinsey and Boston Consulting
Group(BCG). Who have helped me in understanding that a business analyst works
on conceiving and implementing new metrics on capturing previously poorly
understood parts of the business or product. My interactions with them yearned
my ardour to pursue Masters in


course has its major focus on intermediate analytics, enterprise analytics,
communication and visualisation of data analytics and skills related to data
analytics technology. I can choose electives like predictive analysis, data
management and big data, risk management for analytics which will help me in
establishing an in-depth insight in this field. Globally skilled engineers who
have specialised in analytics are on high demand. In the future I will have
excellent opportunities in Multinational National Companies and Management
Consultancies around the globe. Studying at Northeastern University will give
me a winning edge over other professionals.



Lux,Veritas,Virtus is
the motto of Northeastern University
which will seep into my veins from the time I become a part of this prestigious
institute. I will come with a bag full of zeal, positive attitude for facing
all the challenges and strong fundamentals required for Masters in Analytics
and will make enhanced contributions to the university aided by my aptitude and
knowledge. It
would be an honour to be granted admission to your prestigious graduate
program, which I am confident, will help me make significant contributions to
the academic scenario at the university and also reach my true potential by
providing an enriching experience, academically and otherwise.