What are Logic Bombs,
Trojan horses and Trap Doors?

There are numerous kinds of malicious code in the world
today. Despite the fact that they are just a little subset of these, logic
bombs, Trojan horses, and trap doors are common. When an event is occurred, a
small program or a part of it is triggered by the event. These programs are
called logic bombs and the events
that might use these programs are removal of a file or certain percentage of
disk is filled etc., Generally the logic bombs are installed by insiders who has
access to the systems. Trojan horses
are the programs that needs to be executed or installed by the users for them
to be effective. There are generally included in entertaining stuff like games,
linux packages etc., When the are effective, they perform tasks which user does
not intend to do like replacing important files with malicious files or opening
a malicious application when clicked on a game etc., And the last one of these
malicious code attacks can be done through Trap
doors which are bits of code inserted in a program to quickly gain access at
later time which is general used by developers for testing or debugging. But
when the developers forget to remove these codes, that leads to a security
breach which can lead hackers to access the systems.

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Ways to prevent from

As Logic Bombs, Trap Doors are the programs that are
generally triggered and installed by an insider who has access to the system
with detail knowledge of the system. So hiring right people does solve some
amount of breach for these malicious code attacks. And also we can run Network Surveillance,
Integrity Checking software’s and monitor programs to detect attempts to create
logic bombs and trap doors. Every company should follow accurate and well-developed
Software development policies and procedures that can make effort for detecting
logic bombs and can make hard for people to plant them.