When acquiring a new smart
phone, chances are that it will be operated by either Google’s Android or Apple’s
iOS mobile operating systems. These two are pretty much the only serious contender
as far as the smartphone OSes battle for supremacy is concerned.

It’s however safe to
say that both provide excellent operating systems, with slight and very
important differences that may influence your decision on which to settle for. We
are going to assess Android vs. iOS in three categories and suggest the winner
on each. The best platform however depends on your preference.

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Apple is known for
setting pace when it comes to pricing its gadgets. Their latest invention, iPhone
X retails for a starting price of $ 1000, iPhone 8plus goes for $800 and the
cheapest you can find is iPhone SE at $350. Unless you venture into the black-market,
those are the prices Apple asks for its iPhone gadgets.

With Android however, you
can limit your expenditure and make use of the huge variety of low cost phones
form a range of manufactures. You also take the new Pixel 2 phones and Samsung
galaxy note path which is almost at the same level with iPhone when it comes to
pricing. The fact that Android offers free apps makes it pocket friendly and an
obvious choice to budget- conscious clients.

Life and Charging

Battery life is a major
deal breaker for most Smartphone users. It’s tricky to compare the two
platforms as they operate on different hardware. Both Android and iOS shows power
consumptions detailed into apps, but only Android shows how much battery life
is left. Both platforms provide power saving options through limiting power
usage but only Android is capable of modifying how this operates.

When it comes to
charging, Android phones are not only offered faster charging capability but
also a wireless charging, while this also applies to iPhone 8 and X, its
notable that fast charging adaptor is bought separately while the same comes
with an android phone tucked in a box.

Comparing Android phone
with an iPhone with similar price, Androids tend to have a longer battery life
making it an easy choice.


When it comes to
security, iPhones come with impeccable security and encryption that makes it
impossible to hack into the hardware and go through confidential information. Speedy
updates are becoming essential to protect users from hackers. Apple’s ability
to push updates out to more devices gives it an edge over Android. With Apple
comes improved security for users, prominently the Touch ID and the imminent Face
ID in iPhone X. All the data in imassage and other apps are tightly encrypted
for safety.

Most Android phones still
run on old software which are very vulnerable to hacking thus exposing the
users, it’s also behind on its security updates making it less secure.

With no doubt, the iOS is
the most secure platform and is the best in keeping the users privacy safe.



In terms of numbers, Android
comes out on top as its affordable and readily available, but iOS wins in some
of the most important categories such as security, which I think is a factor to
consider. Direct comparison to their latest version may not come up with an
accurate outcome as most android devices don’t operate on their latest

All said and done,
everyone has their preference for personal reasons. The stiff competition
between the two platforms can only bring out the best. Just do your research
before settling for one over the other.