When semiotics is viewed over the art signs and symbols,
they give every viewer their own perception to understand the meaning. Artists
convey their message in a pictorial language with standard, basic rules of


Today with this leading technology we all have become visual
art consumers who interact, read signs and signals and decode them to form
meaning and learn information out unconsciously all the time. Everything
surrounding us today involving us and our opinion is interacting and being
influenced by signs, words, image and sound. This interaction is a form of a
thought control, that we are able to convey our messages creatively and have
them making a point for a larger audience to perceive it in the way we want
them to perceive or the way they themselves want to understand the meaning.

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Similarly, artwork with a conceptual meaning that has a message to be conveyed
can activate audience’s minds to collect and understand the meaning.


Pictorial semiotics is mostly the study of pictures in a
constructive verbal description that is done with keeping the nature of act in
mind. Comparing this to Saussure’s theory, Linguistic communities that speak a
decided language are frequently implementing tiny changes that are easily being
able to amend with. The thought of depiction where rules needs to be followed
are used by using signs. This is where the concepts of semiotics are used to
lay out and break information to larger audiences.

Artists usually find the distinctness between the signifier (sound or image) and the meaning that
has been expressed by a sign. Sign
here usually acts as a carrier of information that we use to understand the
portrayed situation or thought and the work shown by the artist by comparing it
to our knowledge.