While helping Sherlock Holmes, John Watson has developed an interesting character in the story of The Hound Of The Baskerville. He has been very helpful and done heroic moments that shows he’s unbreakable. The book examines a hound that murdered Sir Charles by a Hound which lead to two investigators to solve this case, Sherlock Holmes and his army doctor, John Watson, after three weeks of the tragic accident. In the tv show, Holmes and Watson were in need of a case, in which they got a 20 year old case of a murder of Charles, Henry’s father. John Watson is the main attraction for comparing him with the book and the show. This essay will cover Dr.Watson How he treats others, role in plot, and how he treats others.    The first reason why Dr.Watson might be important to the character of Sherlock is because he makes Sherlock more “human” or real . If you have ever seen a Sherlock book, you would notice about Sherlock is his big ego and selfish attitude towards other people. He thinks highly of himself.”I DON’T NEED EYES IN THE BACK OF MY HEAD, WHEN I HAVE A WELL-POLISHED TEAPOT IN FRONT OF ME, MY FRIEND” (KOPL,CHP4). And this is where Dr.Watson’s character steps up in the tv show towards Holmes. When Holmes was searching for a case, John replied “YOU’VE JUST SOLVED ONE BY A DEAD PIG”(BBC,Sherlock).The reason would be because Dr. Watson provides Sherlock with a different perspective towards the case and the clues. Dr.Watson is more “human”, therefore, he provides Sherlock with a normal human’s point of view, but the opposite in the show.    Dr.Watson also has the majority of the differences in his role in the plot. Watson gets very interested later in the book in taking Sir Charles death as an investigation.”WE FAILED!I’LL NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF!”(KOPL,CHP7), after he likened selden to sir henry. But in the book, he wasn’t going to take the case until the mic dropped when he, Holmes, and Henry went to the moor the second time. That’s when he believed that he should have taken the case before it was over. Which he then is very interested into taking the huge manipulative case.    Watsons physical appearance in the tv show is radically changed apart from the book from his obesity to his age. Watson wears a pair of glasses and is very old in the book. But in the tv show, he’s very young and doesn’t wear glasses, more importantly he’s not obese. In fact, he is much in shape in the tv show than the book.Which makes him ready in a real-life situation at the moor when they’re in danger.    Although there are many other differences between the book as it was written in the 19th century , and the tv show that was produced in the 21 century. The time difference is what’s special. These three changes are the core of the story and most importantly, they were Dr.Watsons. They make readers get more exited into read the mystery-novel and the show, played as john watson and sherlock.