In order to completely pull off being a male posing as a female, the brothers hire an FBI make up genius who brings his whole crew, to help the brothers fully transform. He make masks that similarly look like the Wilson sisters faces, he also must spray paint their entire body to be a pale white skin tone, because the brothers are black. In every scene that the brothers are playing the Wilson sisters, their outfits are always a different shade of pink such as: cerise, fussier, cherry blossom, urination, pastel and rose.

The real Wilson sisters, the Vandenberg sisters, and every other girl in the Hampton dress in short skirts, tank tops, halters, strapless, and spaghetti straps shirts. However, with the Haynes’ brothers being men, they take a more conservative approach with their outfits so that they don’t blow there cover, such as wearing business suit Jackets to hide their extremely broad shoulders.

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Still resting in mini skirts, they wear fitted t-shirts dazzled with rhinestones and funny catch phrases such as “Dude, Where The Couture? ‘, “Tolerable 69” (short for Christian Dior Tolerable, the extremely expensive fashion designer), “Diva”, and “Fierce Pitch”. For the Haynes’ brothers, being African males, It Is not only a challenge to go from acting like Jamaican men In the beginning of the movie, but Its an even bigger challenge to shift to acting Like white woman from Beverly Hills.