White Cube Research

White Cube Consulting Ltd is a consulting company that specialises
in Human Resources, Training and Development and Recruitment. These services
help organisations to improve on their standards of work. The company is based
in Aberdeen, but they also can work outside of Aberdeen.

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The company provide their services to organisations
including teams in need of guidance and advice. They also provide their services
to individuals who perhaps have been let go from their job and in need of White
Cube’s services.

The team consists of Campbell Urquhart who is the managing
director. Julie McDonald is the Director of People Solutions. There are many
other staff members in the company, however these are the two people from the
company that Nero have met.

White Cube has a range of clients including Aberdeen Sports
Village, Skills Development Scotland and University of Aberdeen. There are many
others that are mentioned on White Cube’s website.

White Cube have reviews from clients about their services on
the website which highlights how significant their services has been to clients.
Clients are very happy with White Cube’s services.

Through their Human Resources service, White Cube help
clients and organisation to improve their working standards. They also advise
businesses that are starting out with advice.  

Through their Training and Development service, White Cube
advise organisations by helping people improve their effectiveness for the good
of the organisation that they are working for. Organisations that use this service
will gain a chance to improve their quality of work and abilities.

Through their Recruitment and Selection Service, White Cube
offer to help organisations find the right members of staff using methods to
make sure that each person chosen for the job provided is the right person
including assessments.

Through their Redundancy and Outplacement service, White
Cube provide solutions to help people who have been made redundant improve
their CV’s as well as help them learn how to find new jobs.

White Cube also provide Psychometric Assessments which help
organisations and individuals gain an understanding about themselves and how
they work as a team. They assessments also allow people to improve on their
skills based on the feedback that is provided.