The area that women are opposed to excel in are cooking and fashion. However, we find that men outnumber the women more as famous fashion designers and chefs , such as global designers, Chair Maraud, Tony Lard and Antonio Couture and the famous chefs , Mayhem Shall and Chef Aroma. In the other hand, women can also excel In this area. We find same names from women such as chef Manual and global designer Elisabeth. Other point , women have some Interests to excel In more than men Like motherhood , manage house and education of children.

We need to focus on working Individually , just like the male community is proud to do, and compete with each other. Women’s society relies heavily on team work and the explanation is that men hold the power that Allah gave them , while the women Allah created have less than men . But by working together women can grow in depths and get achieve much. Also , if talk about emotional thinking , women have this more than men. Modern IQ tests are based on emotional intelligence and do not relay on mathematical and logical intelligence.

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These Modern IQ have greater emotional and social intelligence than men. Something else we notice Is effort in school. Academic intelligence Is not limited to men , but the problem was that men don’t work hard. At this point man works less than women, the beautiful_sex. A woman’s Intelligence in school Is about the same as man’s, but they work harder and get better results. Despite all these differences , there is similarity between smart men and women , as the brain of both is the same size. To sum up , I think the men are smarter than women.

But he women appear smart in some aspects , such as raising children and they are smart through their emotional thinking. I can also say that smartness varies between man and woman, according to their character. On other hand , if I talk in general, the man are smarter, because according to history , the great name of invention return to men. In addition , they can manage life using smart strategies more than women.