What first drew me to the Medical Assisting career were the versatilities of this profession. The great thing about this profession is that every day and every patient is going to be different and is going to be coming to your office for different services. In addition, I have always wanted to make a difference in the word, and have always had an interest in the medical field. After caring for my father for the last seven years through cancer I realized that all those little things really made a difference in his recovery and battle. It was then that it had become obvious that this was a profession that I can really get into and feel for. It’s important to me to be able to reach out and help someone when they are in need of a helping hand.

As a Medical Assistant you have an opportunity to work in a variety of settings. Such as, hospitals, clinics, family practices, nursing homes, and many more. And I find that becoming a Medical Assistant will help me reach one of my educational goals in life. Furthermore, I have found that the Medical Assistant has an opportunity to work in different areas; administrative and clinical. I have found that this is very helpful due to the fact that you are constantly working in both aspects of your career keeping everything fresh in your mind so you are able to work at the highest possible level with in your scope of education. It also allows you to enjoy both aspects of your career and allows you to change up your work, so you’re not performing the same tasks day in and day out.

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The area that appeals the most to me would have to be the clinical duties of this profession. I really enjoy one on one time with people, and soon to be my patients. I enjoy the hands on opportunity that the clinical duties offer such as, performing waived tests, taking vital signs, and having an opportunity to really get to know your patients and their medical needs. If I could choose which medical office to work in it would have to be a pediatric office. I have a love for little children and am able to work with most of them easily. I would find this area to be a great start to my future educationally and personally.

What I really like about the idea of working in a pediatric office is that I can aid in helping that child’s tummy ache go away, or help make them feel all better. I can be a part of their growth and development and help protect them from certain illnesses through vaccinations. Overall I have found throughout the last year withinthe Medical Assistants program that I am in the right place and at the right time. I feel that I have a lot to offer in this medical profession and look forward to growing and excelling to be the best Medical Assistant that I can be.