Everything what I remember from my childhood was to playing the lawyer or the Judge. I was never playing with dolls like the most of the girls. Growing up I realize that being a lawyer in not only putting the bad people in Jail, but also you can find good Job with good money of course. My grandfather was a lawyer and because my parents were at work almost all day I grew up with my grandparents. He was always telling me stories from his Job. I was always excited to hear the end when my grandfather, ‘my herd was proving the true. When I was twelve I went with him iris time at the court.

I was thrilled. All the people were dressed nice, in very good to work in a place like this. From then I went almost every time with my grandfather at the court until he died. That happened when I was seventeen years old. As I grew up I realize that a law degree opens a lot of doors. You have the opportunity to choose between many Jobs. You don’t have the only choice to be a lawyer. Then I decided to actually study law. I have an uncle that Is a lawyer and also I met some with his help and I started having Information. Everybody like their Jobs, but, almost everybody agreed that the best thing of being a lawyer is the money.

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Especially if you are good, you can earn a lot of money, to support your family. I’m already married and I have two children, I wish when I finish studies to work somewhere with good salary to can offer them everything they need. Actually It goes like a circle. To become a lawyer you have to love It. To take god money being a lawyer you have to be good at your Job and at last, to be good lawyer you must have passion for your Job. I’m sure that I love It but It’s In my hand to be a good lawyer, studying now hard, for the benefit off good Job In the future.