Mexico is not a good place to visit anytime soon because of the continuous violence from the eight strongest Mexican cartels. 1 . You need to reconsider your thoughts about what you knew about Mexico. 2. This topic Is Important because It can conflict with your safety and your life, If you were to visit. C. I have family members that live 20 miles outside of Rocky Point, Mexico that tell my family here about the people roaming the streets with guns as little as 15 years old; and how news reports talk about cartels are actually taking over deferent cities in Mexico. I have heard many different stories from friends visiting Mexico or the local news stations talking about Mexico. 2. A close friend from high school had his cousin past away earlier this year, because she was kidnapped at night and used for drug smuggling. D. Today, I will explain why It Is so important to understand that Mexico is a dangerous place to vaults, even though many people still like to vaults the Americanizes cities In Mexico, you can gradually research many stones about Mexico and how dangerous it is. ?? II.

Body: A. You must understand the importance of not visiting Mexico during this time. . Visiting Mexico can put you in harm?was way and be dangerous. A. In the Los Angles Times, over 240 news articles reported news about drug cartels and on average about 45 deaths a week were due to the fight against the cartels, since 2008. B. Mexico is heavily influenced at this time by crime and its corrupted government; even random shootouts and breakouts happen anytime of the day on a daily basis against the military and the cartels. . Even In the Americanizes Rocky Point, Mexico, BBC 15 reported a street shootout In mold-day against the two rivalries, Including several eaten In Toronto AT a cocoons complex. 3. To be safe and keep out of the way of the violence in Mexico until it?was too minimum. A. We know that violence is everywhere, but not vacationing or visiting Mexico can be more relaxing and less put under pressure. B. Because even overall, Mexico was averaged the fourth worst places to visit around the world in 2012. C.

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Suicidal Quarter, a border town to Texas, taking that title for Mexico, as ?cucumber Capital of the World?0. D. On CONGO. Com, Tijuana, Mexico ranked number one on most hated and most dangerous cities around the world; reported June of 2012, cause tourist has decreased as much as 90% in less than 10 years because of the drug cartel violence, swine flu outbreaks, and low poverty communities. B. Despite the facts about Mexico, many people like to visit the well known ?centralized?0 cities like Rocky Point, Cancan, and Tijuana, Mexico. 1 .

Not visiting Mexico might come off as hard not to visit because certain cities in Mexico are better than others in Mexico. A. According To National Geographic, cities like Vernacular and Quadrangular contain ancient Maya and Aztec ruins. 2. But even in these ?centralized?0 cities, drug cartels control the streets ND the government as well. A. In August, the Arizona Republic spoke with the U. S. Consulate in Nonages and he reported that six deaths on the popular beach Sonora; also warning that there has been an increase in assaults kidnappings towards American citizens. A. Rocky Point, Mexico is ruled by Joaquin ?cell Cheapo?0 and Gunman, most powerful drug lord of Mexico, head of the cartel, also the largest and strongest cartel in Signals Mexico. C. By researching information about Mexico and learning about the dangers of the cartel, you can reach a conclusion to how safe Mexico really is. 1 . If you ever do decide to plan a trip to Mexico, research information about what is happening right now in Mexico. A. Websites like Lattice. Com, Central. Com, and Distribute. Rag can give you over 600 articles since 2008 about what has happened in Mexico and what is currently happening in Mexico. 2. Like for example when me and my friend tried planning a trip to Rocky Point, Mexico for graduation. A. We din?wet bother to look up information about Mexico and Just planned about Mexico to go, but a friend?was mother looked up recent information instead. B. She found out that police found 15 more decapitated bodies under a Agway bridge in Mexico two weeks before we were schedule to go. C.

And that there was a high increase of young women kidnapping since Spring Break. Ill. Conclusion: A. Today, you have learned why it is so important to understand that Mexico is a dangerous place to visit, even though many people still like to visit the Americanizes cities in Mexico, you can gradually research many stories about Mexico and how dangerous it is. B. For your safety, you should not visit Mexico due to the ongoing violence of the drug cartel in Mexico. C. Mexico sin?wet what you think it is, not anytime soon. It sin?wet worth risking your own life for it.