Why Female Superheroes Are Not Common In Movies/Comic Books

A superhero is considered to be a character especially in fiction movies who possesses powers which can be considered supernatural (Robinson, 2004). Female superheroes roles in these acts are usually very minimal. In most cases they rarely play a lead role in those movies. This is undisputable! This trend has persisted even before onset of televisions which popularized movies. There are various reasons which can be attributed to this trend.

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            First, although women usually play different roles in superhero genre, all of them usually tend to be sexualized from their fitting attires(Pennell and Elizabeth, 2015). For instance, considering superhero movies like Spider-man, the movie features a man whose mission is to save humanity. He saves a woman victim who is considered to be naïve, defenseless but very beautiful and sexy. Pennell notes that, these stereotype about women whose first appeal is sexual lowers theirself-esteem and results to less egalitarian gender roles and expectations. Here, women will end up knowing that their appearance is what matters and not their competence hence discouraging them from playing the superhero role (Rubin, 2014).

            Women don’t get empowered by watching proficient Superheroines. In fact, Pennell and Elizabeth assert that watching just confirms the stereotypes and believes about women rather than challenging them. In reality this will end up eroding any benefit that may be derived from observing an intelligent and strong female character. This ends up demotivating most of them from undertaking superheroine role in the future (Brown, 2013).

            Finally, people tend to be against violence which is castigated towards women and since most superhero movies depict violence against the hero, this is usually met with resistance especially when the violence is channeled to a superheroine by men actors. For instance, a billboard promoting X-Men movie was erected featuring Jennifer Lawrence’s, Mystique, going against Apocalypse. Instead of people praising the advertisement on ground that it had featured a female, it was attacked on ground that it portrayed violence against women since the main villain is male (In Hatfield, In Heer & In Worcester, 2013).