Bola virus outbreak has a survival rate of 1 out of every 10 Individuals and the virus can only be spread through contact with body fluids(sweat,Anne,blood,etc. ) of an Infected Individual after symptoms appear or count act with a dead body that has had the virus-symptoms don’t appear until about 21 days of Inch baton In the human body making It hard to quarantine Individuals before they begin demons rating homonyms-president Obama Is sending thousands of U.

S. Troops to West Africa to fight t the deadly Bola virus. Their mission will be to construct treatment centers and provide medical training to health care workers in the local communities, putting at risk thousands of American soldiers. The objective is pointless it will serve no longer benefits due to the militaries humanitarian aid will be seen as non neutral interference by the local Africans. Creating further tensions between the locals and U. S.. Due to once the U. S. Litany arrives the y are owing to interpret and handle the situation the same way they handle conflict In battle e driven by political or military objectives in mind angering the locals,attacks against humanity ARIN personnel have been rising in the past decade precisely because of a perceived blur inning of humanitarian, political, and military goals and will only increase if we send troops eve r seas. We are taking U. S. Soldiers away from their loved ones and risking their lives . The U. S. Shouldn’t play world cop much less doctor.

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The Department of Defense has already al located 1 billion to fight Bola, but under maltreated lad the budget Is meant to be spent quiz coyly. Once funds run out the African countries won’t be able to fund the programs on their own; Its a quick fix by the U. S. Government and a waste of resources Instead of focusing the rest resources on Telling a cure. Servers could come Duck inanely out want IT teen come down welt the virus do to incubation time. The U. S. Is to interdependent and the virus would spread quick sly if the outbreak occurs here on U. S. Soil.

The CDC does not believe we have the resources to Andre the outbreak in the U. S. If it were to occur. We should keep U. S. Soldiers home and safe with their families. Keeping the natural barrier of an ocean between us, on the long term we would be saving more lives if we focus all resources on finding a cure. This act by Obama would only be creating tension Bette en locals and U. S. Officials due to humanitarian aid must be perceived as neutral and not drive n by political or military objectives. Using the military in a humanitarian crisis works again SST that and potentially instigates further unrest.