William Harvey was a very accomplished man. He lived from 1578-1657. When he died he was 79 year of age. He was born in Berkeley Plantation, Virginia. William Harvey was a physician who studied blood circulation. After he discovered the circulation of blood and went through college he became a fellow of the College of Physicians. He did most of his work at Bartholomew’s Hospital and Lumleian Lecturer at College of Physicians. William Harvey is most famous for his discovery of the circulation of blood. It is a major part of how the body works today. His discovery of the circulation of blood is effective in many ways. It helps doctors and nurses study the human body. It helps them know where to draw blood from your veins. It can even show doctors if you have like a blood disease, like where it is going in the body. It can help in so many ways that it’s just an outstanding discovery.While Harvey was alive, the Taj Mahal was finished in 1643. On the other hand, William Harvey had very little education. He started publishing newspapers at a young age. One of his most famous quotes was “All we know is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown.” He was a hardworking man who was always wanting to learn and discover more. William Harvey had a hospital named after him also. It was called the William Harvey Hospital. His research is extremely important. Doctors today can use the circulation of blood to find where diseases may be spreading through the body. It can also help to find where to take blood samples. William Harvey had two brothers. Daniel Harvey and Eliab Harvey was William Harvey’s brothers. William Harvey’s spouse’s name was Elizabeth Browne. Even though William Harvey was married, he never had any children. That is most all the information about William Harvey. He was a very educated and accomplished man. He was always a hard worker who always wanted to learn more. I guess you can say he was one of the most famous people of fifteenth century. He made a discovery that all doctors are happy to have and it helps our doctors today so much. The circulation of blood is one of the most famous discoveries to ever occur.