With a ton of super heroes in the comedian e-book world, it’s really exhausting to opt for this “one” favorite. There are many iconic characters, but there just has to be one bigger one. And it is Superman. Of course, Wolverine is cute. Even Iron Man and Batman, Flash, even Thor, Hulk and the checklist goes on. But Superman has one thing that sets him apart from the crowd. The indisputable fact that he is a stranger to Kryptonite’s only weakness is wonderful in his personal approach. So this checklist is the reason this man in the Crimson Cloak is probably the most wonderful superhero we have now.1. The bite of DraculaaboutAt some level in the comics, Superman is bitten by a Dracula and as this Kryptonian manages his energy from the sun, Dracula explodes. You can not even contact him, it’s amazing.2. flying abilityaboutIt has the power to fly right from the start. He did not get it because of a radioactive aspect or an accident, not like the various superheroes. He came here for him, of course.Three. Without equipmentaboutIron Man wants him to be fine, Spiderman wants internet shooter, Batman wants batarangs and Batmobile, what does Superman want to get out of the superhero factor? Only his presence.four hours. to surviveaboutIt can survive in virtually any kind of environment. Earth, house, subsoil, submarine and even galaxies very far away from us. You identify him and he is there.5. Without limitsaboutSuperman’s forces know no boundaries. He has extraordinary abilities without limits and could even double the time to his will when he needs it.6. weaknessaboutYou can only defeat it, you probably have kryptonite (like Batman in BvS) and you do not have it in this world. Rest assured that he can not be defeated.7. Ability to do everythingaboutHe has a tremendous speed, he can light lasers, lift a large amount of weight, he is immune to any material or weapon, he can fly. You can quickly do everything that any other superhero can do.eight. loveaboutSuperman loves people around him and respects the love he receives. It has a convenient corner for people who notice and take care of it. That makes him more human than a superhero.9. Normal lifeaboutIn addition to saving the world, our wonderful superhero is a normal man of 9 to 5 years. He maintained a balanced life.10. Less enemiesaboutHe is a superhero, could actually have enemies, but compared to others he does not have enough curious documents, monsters or strangers in opposition to him. His only enemy is Lex Luthor, a psychopath who gets hurt in the end.11. PositivityaboutAlthough Superman has a strong sense of justice and a code of ethics, he learns from his predecessor and tries to move forward with it. He also has a constructive strategy while facing a situation.12. Simple suitaboutAlthough he is very efficient, his good attitude is respectable and modest. He exhibits this guy without masks, shiny clothes or shiny armor. It’s easy.