With respect to another important
ancient culture: Roman, it brought us, in my thought, leisure and
entertainment. We are all familiar with forms of mass entertainment in our
modern world. Theaters, cinemas, music concerts and mass-spectator sporting
events are all Roman contributions to the modern world. The Roman government
recognized that a large group of poor, unoccupied people was a threat to their
power. They developed mass entertainment as a means of keeping their citizens
busy. The Colosseum could seat 45,000 spectators, who enjoyed battling
gladiators, fights between men and wild animals and executions of Christians
involving lions. It was even sometimes flooded for theatrical naval battles.

The Circus Maximum could hold 250,000 people and was the scene of many chariot
races. The Campus was an old soldier drill ground in Rome that was converted
into a sports ground. At the Campus, Romans could gather to compete in sports
such as running, jumping, archery, wrestling and boxing.

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