With the Internet growing at an exponential rate, people working
in large corporations should manage the security that plays an important role
for the safety of the company. By setting up an Intranet, security is the
number one priority for the prevention of outside threats. No information can
be safe without the proper configurations of security protocols. Viruses,
Trojans, and many other programs are able to take control of computer systems.
A company by the name of Applied Trust stated “Having a security
program means that you’ve taken steps to mitigate the risk of losing data in
any one of a variety of ways, and have defined a life cycle for managing the
security of information and technology within your organization” (AppliedTrust,
2008). The data a company stores is extremely important, and if that data gets
hacked, the company could collapse in an instant. No matter the size of a
company, big or small, they should hire people who manage data and security.
These people could configure security protocols that will help protect
beneficial data and take immediate action if threats are occurring ever so
often. This will ensure the safety and the unification of a company working
together. Many serious threats appear out of nowhere. This is the case for most
companies, and some of them end up getting hacked in to. Intranet topologies
can play an important role for security purposes and team performance. A
refutation to the argument would be “When
several workers in teams are working on documents simultaneously, it’s easier
for those documents to potentially be deleted or damaged” (Bowerman, n.d). This
might be true when people are not paying attention to the things that they are
performing. What matters the most is employee performance. With conscientious
employees, mistakes will not happen so often. Intranets are tough to manage,
even when simple problems can make a big difference. But the main goal is to
expand a company in a positive and effective way. Therefore, Intranets do
provide benefits to a company and many other companies without it should plan
on investing for an intranet.