With the advent of fast internet and
virtual universities the concept of online courses came up. The traditional
college university setup put some students at disadvantage that could not be
physically present in college/university due to many reasons. Other reasons
include spiked tuition fees, poor access to education and inappropriate
learning environments. Online courses have just one pre requisite and that is
reliable internet connection. With this setup come many concerns and realizations.
Undoubtedly the most important of all the effective online teaching skills is
careful communication between class teacher and participants.
Communication is an art that comprises of different sub skills like listening,
writing and speaking, the right combination of the three things make a person
teacher, and a teacher an effective instructor. Although communication should
be expressive but the online classes have some constraints. Their inefficacy
hinders the aspect of artful human conversation. Most of the conversation and
context is based on texts unlike face to face interaction where less words and
more expressions do relatively good job .Conversation solely based on texts
have to be effective enough to deliver the intended meaning since they are not
presented with rich expressions and visual signs. Conventionally, instructors
during lectures in university/College take less effort to engage students
towards themselves mainly because of the instant feedback mechanism which is
partially and in some cases completely absent in online courses.

I believe that online classrooms largely
depend on written words so the expression, ideas, humour and satire are
precisely stated and carefully written because there is a big chance that
students might misinterpret. Although, there are many other media besides text
such as voice memos, video clips and emojis that can be smartly used to project
instructor’s opinions. Teachers needs to have a legit idea as to what to teach
and what to skip, where assignment can fulfil the vacuum and where full fledge
lecture is needed.

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The most effective genre of communication
between teacher and student is feedback, where instructor gives productive,
crisp and honest remarks to the student so they may know their mistakes and
correct them. Never discourage a student even though you think that question
asked is baseless and vague.




I think good feedback should be precise,
comprehensive and well composed because it either reflects satisfaction or
dissatisfaction from instructors’ side for a student. Moreover it should be
kept in mind that language used is universal because the students belong to
diverse socio-cultural background and divergent learning abilities. Different
people have various writing styles, one thing which is normal to one student
might offend the other student based on their ethnic and geographic location.

internet is the medium so there are some ethics over internet that need to be
followed, these ethics are not pragmatically written but are taken from real
life context. Netiquette, etiquettes
over internet are equally important. In traditional classrooms there are
certain rules that are to be followed likewise there are some non-formally
stated rules that are to be strictly followed during online classes over
Analytically seeing, perfect communication bridges the gap between teachers and
students. Teachers tend to craft well composed response timely, that eradicates
any confusion or answer any queries for leaners. Establishment of good
communication doesn’t only require good speaking skills, but selection of words
and the tone is equally important.