Women’s right to reproductive and sexual health
provides women with the rights of having privacy, the right of being free from
torture, the right to education and health, and the proscription of discrimination.
It is the capacity of a woman to cautiously and freely make decisions regarding
her reproductive organs and sexual activities.

  Seeing as the DRC women population suffer from
high rates of maternal deaths, The Democratic Republic of Congo has been
working to resolve such implications and provide women with health care
facilities that aid with the reduction of maternal mortality, such as The
sexual and reproductive health program for the next generation that began
in 2013, the missions of this program are: to give correct information to peers
about their sexual and reproductive rights, to supply women with contraceptives
and products regarding their sexual and reproductive health, it is also to
raise awareness among men that family planning should be applied with the
consent of women, and finally to offer high quality hospitals and health

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The Democratic Republic of Congo
abides by the UN human right charter, the DRC ensure the protection and
promotion of women and see to eliminate any discrimination against them, the
DRC also see it important that people are aware of the full potential of women
and their importance to the country’s development. Women with HIV/AIDS are also
provided with the law of protection and prohibition of discrimination. Education
is bleak for Congolese women and girls, The Democratic Republic of Congo with
the help of UNICEF distributed school kits and assist families with school fees
for their daughters to be able to get her right to education. After natural
disasters and conflicts the DRC and UNICEF rebuild school facilities and
educational centers.

The Democratic Republic of Congo
has took action towards women’s right to sexual and reproductive health by
raising awareness campaigns to educate women about their rights and give men
lessons about how women should be treated and given the choice of pregnancy, it
cooperated with the UN and UNICEF to develop their country and show the
exclusivity of women.