Words have the power the change this world, they possess the power to build and tear down kingdoms, and with words we obtain the power to speak life and death into each other’s lives. Julius Caesar is a well known play written by one of the most recognized authors of the 15th century. It’s about the dictator Julius Caesar and his assassination. The Roman people loved Caesar and many would have rather it been themselves than him be assassinated. Julius Caesar shows a story of corruption. It teaches readers to be very careful on who they let into their inner circle. The same men who assassinated Caesar betrayed him into believing that they were his closest friends. Towards the end of the play, two of the main characters are put in a position where they must convince Rome. Antony, Caesar’s most loyal companion, is trying his hardest to uncover the evil plot that ended Caesar’s life. Brutus on the other hand, is reassuring the Romans that Caesar’s murder was justified and needed to happen in order to guarantee the future of Rome. Antony and Brutus even though are fighting for two very different things, they still have some similarities. Both parties purpose was to persuade the country of two very different things, whatever party were to win, would change roman history. In Brutus’s speech he states, “I know no personal cause to spurn at him, /but for the general. He would be crown’d: /how that might change his nature, there’s the question.”  Throughout this passage, Brutus is using logos because he is trying to make logical excuses as to why Caesar must have been assassinated. After Brutus gave his speech, it was then Antony’s turn to not only convince the people of Rome that what Brutus has said was not true but also that the conspirators had commited murder and with that sinful act, the great Caesar was taken from them. During Antony’s speech, he is appealing to the emotions of the Roman people, he states “You all did love him once, not without cause:/ What cause withholds then, to mourn for him? / O judgement! Thou art fled to brutish beasts,/ And men have lost their reason.” This speech was spoken to the Roman people, its intention was to remind the roman people of how much they loved Caesar. Many can easily argue that Brutus and Antony have many differences, and those many would be correct. Not only throughout the book but also when they are in the town square, the reader is really able to see the major differences that divide both parties. Brutus clearly is displaying to the audience his belief that Caesar was killed for the betterment of the Roman empire. He persuades the audience into believing that Julius Caesar was a power crazy maniac who only thought about himself. And then there is Antony, who has stuck beside Caesar since the beginning. He convinces the people of Rome that Caesar was assassinated in cold blood and he didn’t deserve to be backstabbed by his closest allies.  Antony used what he know could stop any evil and thats the heart, he used the hearts of the roman people to unveil what the conspirators had done to the Roman Empire.Antony used emotion to completely change the opinions of the Roman people. I believe that he had the better speech because of his ability to show the romans the true evil that had been committed. Antony also used a lot of figurative language and expressive words to convey to the romans that their ruler had been murdered. In Antony’s speech, he also uses pathos, he tries to make the romans feel guilty for not immediately mourning over the death of their ruler. Throughout his speech, Antony reminds the romans of how they once had a love for Caesar.Many will argue the fact that Brutus had a more well put together speech because he had time to prepare what he was going to say. I think that what makes a speech strong is the truth that is put behind it. Anything built on lies, a relationship, a family, a kingdom, will eventually crumble. But since Antony’s speech was truthful and from his grieving heart, I believe that he had the stronger speech.Since words have the power to speak life or death into a situation, I believe is it is very important to choose them wisely. Not only is it important to choose our words wisely, but it is also important to choose our friends and who we let into our close circle.