Testing provides a method of evaluating the entire call center as a concurrent control. Concurrent controls occur during the activity. Assessments may be necessary to test employees to determine salary Increases, bonuses, and retention of timeshare Information. Testing can occur while the employee answers phone calls from authentic or fictitious call center patrons. Testing will also allow management to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of employees. One types of control Team B uses is feedback control. Feedback control is a control plan that will be applied after the activity has happen.

When managing a timeshare customer service call center, management should make a daily report of issues and address those issues with a feedback control plan to correct the problem once it is discovered. By the time the management team is notified of a situation, the problems have already occurred. Nevertheless, most company’s uses feedback control as the practical type of control to address most situations. When management evaluates a control measure, feedback control does have some advantages. Feedback gives managers important information on how effective their planning efforts are.

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For example, a customer calls the call center to complain about sheets and blankets not made on mattress In sofa bed. The feedback control on this issue would be to address this to the entire housekeeper team members to make sure sheets and blankets are made in every room with sofa. As a workforce manager of a call center It would be most effective and efficient to use a three step control process to evaluate employee work performance and ensure customer satisfaction. Management will use a concurrent control method by remaining visible and interact with employees regularly, also known as management y walking around.

By using a three steps control process, management can evaluate employees work performance and customer satisfaction simultaneously. A financial control, such as profitability a measure of sales and profits is a factor of employees work performance. Management can measure company profits against company standards to evaluate. If sales and profits are down or Inadequate, management must take action to ensure employees are holding up to company Flanagan standards. Also known as employee benchmarking. Management can use the theory 1 OFF management Day walking around to Keep track AT employees work performance.

Additionally management will employ feedback control methods, to measure the effectiveness of their performance efforts. Measure Performance Managing employees using the management theory of walking around will ensure excellent telephone communication, and customer satisfaction. Direct interaction with employees will provide adequate measurement of the effectiveness of the entire call center. Feedback controls will provide management a gauge for employee performance as well as a gauge of management’s effectiveness.

When monitoring he call center performance to ensure efficient customer service there are performance measurements that the call center can implement. There are four approaches used by managers to measure and report actual performances are personal observations, statistical reports, oral reports, and written reports (Coulter & Robbins p. 491 (2012). A personal observation allows the call center to get the knowledge needed firsthand, but the kickback of the personal observations would be personal biases to a certain degree. The statistical reports can be used to visualize easy, and show the effective relationships.

The drawbacks to the call center statistical reports are the limited information received and ignored call center factors. The oral reports are the fastest way to send and receive information, and allow for linguistic and nonlinguistic feedback. The set back to the oral reports are that the information cannot be documented. The last report to be used could be the written reports in which involves comprehensive style, a formal style, and a file, and retrieve style. These written reports take more time to prepare, but leave documentation to look back on and train from.

Roles and Responsibilities As with any effective call center, there are measures that management must take to ensure the proper handling of clients and resources. Although there may be different positions in the center, the outline of the roles is the same in how the operator or call center representative conducts their interactions with their clients. Call Monitoring According to studies, by randomly monitoring calls, permits management to measure efficiency by evaluating quality, managing handling time, and evaluating quality through customer feedback.