I work for a really great company that offers steadfast support to its employees including competitive pay, comprehensive benefits including health, dental, vision, retirement savings, and even the option to put away money for our children’s college education. They even offer tuition reimbursement – something that I noted when I initially accepted my job but that I had not yet pursued.

I came to this company having left college early because of mounting financial concerns and the need to start working immediately. Half way to my business degree, I had simply decided to continue with my education at a better time and I set out to find a job that would allow me to pay my growing bills. I really got lucky when I found this position because the company appreciated my skills and passed over the fact that I had not yet received my college degree. They instead told me that if I continued with them I could pursue my classes with the help of their tuition reimbursement program.

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This year the time had finally come to take them up on their offer because the economy has made me nervous and I want that degree to help make me as marketable as possible. While tuition reimbursement is a great program the difficulty comes with finding a program that will work with your schedule. I was already working full time and beyond; the thought of somehow wedging a full course load into the mix was daunting to say the least.

A friend, however, suggested that I consider an online business degree program that would allow me to continue with my normal work schedule and then attend to my school work at night and on the weekends. The online business degree program offered the perfect solution and has let me finish what I started and still maintain my schedule.