It sounds ridiculous – in theory – to say that I squeezed a MBA program into my schedule; but it’s the truth and I couldn’t have done it without the option of working online. The online MBA program that I found was completely by accident and it was when I was doing some research online to find a local campus in which I could enroll to pursue my MBA. I had long ago graduated with my undergraduate business degree and had been working steadily in business for twenty years. At this time in my life, however, I wanted to earn my MBA and thought that it would really add well to my resume as well as what I brought to the table in my everyday work life. I just assumed that in order to get that MBA I would have to go to an actual campus and attend actual classes; I didn’t even realize the option for online learning existed for the MBA program.

When in pursuit of the information I needed to enroll in a local campus, I came across information on an online MBA program. I was thrilled. For one this would allow me to continue working my normal full time schedule. I had been worried about organizing my schedule around school and how my employers would react to such a request. Secondly, with a home and a family I would also have to work something out for child care as well as deal with the repercussions of being away from home even more than I already was in my day to day career. The online MBA program would give me the options that I needed to stay on track in my career, continue to devote myself to my family, and still pursue something that was so important to me.

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