Last May I graduated from college with my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. Like the rest of my graduating class from my major, I set out immediately to find an open position within the school districts in which I was interested. I had particularly enjoyed the district where I had completed my student teaching but already knew there were no openings for the present school year. So armed with their recommendations I pursued other districts where I knew I could possibly be a good fit.

And, like many new teachers in my position, I quickly found September and the new school year starting without me as I had to yet to find a position for which I would be most appropriate. I admit that I was very discouraged and didn’t know quite what to do with myself. I was working a part-time job that allowed time for my full-time job search but beyond that I was essentially sitting around waiting for my career to begin.

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That’s when I discovered the opportunity to continue my education by pursuing a Masters in Education online! I had considered continuing on for my Master’s degree but was more concerned with getting a job more than anything else. Now that I was waiting for my opportunity to arrive, I figured that I could use the time to pursue my Masters in Education and do so in a way that gave me the most flexibility.

After all, there was still my part time job to consider; as well as the fact that I had signed up to be a substitute teacher and had already received a number of calls. The online Masters in Education program allows me to do my work from my home computer at times that are most convenient for me so that I don’t have to miss out on anything and can still feel like I’m making progress in my career.