Themes: Human cruelty in the name of righteousness; the individual and the community; justice vs.. Retribution and revenge; godliness vs.. Worldliness; ignorance vs.. Wisdom; the Puritan myth; order vs.. Individual freedom. B. Characters: a. Analyze a relationship between two people In the play. Be sure to Include the significance of the relationship, and perhaps the positive and negative aspects of the relationship. B. How do the minor characters of Mary Warren and Elizabeth Proctor reflect the themes of the play? C. Think of one character that makes a decision in the lay.

Identify the decision, explore the character’s motives, and evaluate the effects of that decision. D. Pick two characters and explore how their position In the society reflects who they are as people. C. Plot: a. During the climax of the story, John Proctor refuses to allow the magistrates to nail his confession to the church door. He cites his reason, “Because it’s my name… ” B. There are several scenes of accusations based on spectral evidence. Analyze these scenes and discuss what they contribute to the overall meaning of the story (I. E. Tie to a larger theme)

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D. Setting: Examine Arthur Miller’s use of historical context in the play. Which events/lines of speech create a parallel between sass’s New England and sass’s America (McCarthy Era)? What is Miller’s resulting commentary on America, and is it still relevant today? B. In what ways do elements of the setting reflect the many themes of the play? E. Point of View: a. This story was written as a play, so it is told in the third person and limited to what an audience can see or hear on a stage. How does Miller use this perspective to his advantage In telling the story?

How would the story be different as a novel/novella? ) symbol: a. What is a “crucible? ” How does Arthur Miller use the isolated events in his play to comment on what humans will do with hysteria.? 2. Brainstorm ideas for your topic and create a thesis and two topic sentences: Do this on a separate sheet of paper: You should have all of your preprinting on one paper, and when you have decided on your thesis and topic sentences, label them. Then, write the thesis and topic sentences clearly and neatly on a separate sheet of paper that you will staple to the top of your preprinting.

Due: Approved by Mrs.. Gonzalez: 3. Copy your thesis and topic sentences onto a shaping sheet, and begin filling in your concrete details and commentary. You must have at least two quotations in your concrete detail section. Be sure to write the page number where you found each quote on your shaping sheet. 4. Write a complete first draft, including a full introduction and conclusion. As always, it should be double-spaced, and this essay should have a MINIMUM of 350 words. 5. Use the check-sheet I provide for a self-review and at least one peer review.