The advertisement of unhealthy foods is believed to be one of the leading causes of childhood obesity. If kids are constantly seeing these tasty, appealing, Junk food advertisements of course they are going to want to try it. Commercial advertisements starring children’s favorite actors and actresses as well as their favorite TV shows are currently making this outbreak even worse. When kids role models are placed on public networks indulging in large amounts of unhealthy foods it makes them think it s all right for them to do the same.

Children have the ability to recall information and content taken from television as well as other types of social media. As these advertisements are continually repeated, children become even more susceptible to trying the product. The statistics for childhood obesity continue to rise with every passing year. Children who sit in front of commercialese television are targeted with sugar-sweetened sodas, pre packaged snacks, fast foods, and deserts.

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In there eyes, he idea that something is very yummy is much more important than it being healthy. There is said to be many preventative ways to decrease your child’s risk of becoming overweight due to advertisement but in my opinion teaching them the concept self- control is one of the most important. Children should be educated on the dangers of obesity. Reducing your child’s amount of daily screen time is also another helpful method. Advertising companies don’t care about your child’s health, they only care about selling their product.