The Bane of my Writing Procrastination Is a major issue in our world today especially in colleges. It has cost people their lives and equally given them life time regrets. I have been an Inveterate perfectionist-procrastination since birth. Procrastination has been the bane of my existence as a human being. I procrastinate doing the dishes, making lunch, doing laundry and even to eat food. Growing up as a kid was easier to cope this issue – procrastination because my parents literally had to push me to do everything, starting from performing my morning rituals to bed time.

But right now this issue has gotten worse because I don’t have my parents in America to push me around to do certain things. Ironically, as I sit in front of my computer wishing I was somewhere else and writing about this wide spread phenomenon, I am actually procrastinating. Obviously, I can’t count the number of times I have checked my phone for Faceable notifications, went as far as tweeting with the washrag #I’m writing# ,let’s face it: well wasn’t! Even as I struggle to develop this paragraph, snacking, I Just need to grab a glass of iced grape Juice which later turned Into itching one of my favorite programs “Trauma In the ERE’, being a nursing major I am so Interested In the program, the doctor told the parent of the boy who was rushed to the emergency ward “If you hadn’t brought him now, he would never had made It”. This made me to ponder on the food for thought I actually saw in an article I read on a site ‘M. W. ‘. Motivates. Com.

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The writer said something very thrilling and puzzling she said” If a fireman procrastinated about going into a burning building to save a child, it could mean the difference between life and death. If a police man drove MPH to he scene of an accident, it could mean the difference between life and death. If an employee decided to wait few days to apply for a promotion, they would never be considered” . A little time wasted can actually ruin someone’s life “Procrastination never won a race, received a promotion or changed the outcome of any situation”.

When It comes to writing, always have this mindset that my future self Is better prepared to write and equally face these distractions “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow Just as well”-More Maxims of Mark( Mark Twain), and so I delay starting that article. Heading off to college and leaving Africa to a foreign country was very exciting, even having best intentions and hopes to explore the opportunities that awaited me, the thought of procrastination was my worst nightmare.

The thought of knowing that I have the potential to be an incredibly awesome writer but I’m held back by the forces of this virus procrastination” According to Merriam – Webster dictionary, “to procrastinate is to put off intentionally, the doing of something that should be done”. I put off my essay writing because I eave so many things to do, all my classes equally demanding. I could be a much better writer If only I didn’t put off my writing projects until the last minute. “Students are biologically and socially predisposed to put off until tomorrow what we should do today’, says Dry.

Piers Steel, author of “The Procrastination equation” Just when I have gotten focused on the paper, I find out that It Is already time to turn It In. I really never have time to carefully proofread and revise the essay. Discernibly, I am tired of pulling all-enlargers, I am pretty much scared Nat IT tans Issue Is not tackled now Tanat I’m still in college, I may soon be swimming in the pool of procrastination and it may follow me into my working life and family in future My phobia for failing has prompted my procrastination because I’d prefer to avoid working on paper if I know it’s not going turn out too well.

I see myself as a “perfectionist”, thus I expect so much from myself and get scared if I can meet these high standards. Stubbornness has contributed greatly because I always tell myself “Don’t think you can push me around, I will do it when I’m good and ready’. Sometimes, I’m influenced by low self- esteem; when I’m not sure of what I’m writing, I Just stop writing. Procrastination is seriously hurting my writing . When I look at how long time an essay may take to complete, I Just believe that I have more time to complete the writing, hence I choose pleasures over more necessary or fulfilling tasks. Procrastination is like a credit card, it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill-(Christopher parker)”So many times I have sat to write but I find myself distracted by social media, my friends, television and the internet are not even helping the issue, when I’m about to start an essay, I Just get a call from a friend asking me to come hang out with her, I Just Jump “I’d fix this essay later “Sometimes I seem to me to that I even hear my professor’s voice saying” set your priorities right”! Procrastination is the thief of time”-Edward Young (1683-1765) I totally agree with this saying because I have turned in rough and Shiite drafts due to time constraints. Essays that were meant to earn me Ass or Bi’s ended up earning me a C. Procrastination has once earned earn me a zero on my paper I wrote back then n high school when I was still in Nigeria , because I didn’t beat the deadline for submission. Struggling to develop this essay under pressure ;which Dry. Tim Peachy called the “adrenaline rush” makes me anxious, and invariably stressed and this not too good for me as a student.

I hope I find the best possible solutions before to combat this dream killer before it engulfs me. I will like to be able to write very good essays, have enough time to proof read and carefully revise; also beating my set deadline which is the bone of contention. I want o develop that “do it now or never” attitude, managing my time effectively and explore the field of writing, with the aim to get it done and not for it to be perfect. Obviously, I have a couple of choices but I Just need to look deeper into the situation and find best possible solutions to this bane of my writing “procrastination”. Loud decide to ask an anti-procrastination counselor for help. I could get help from the supportive people in my life, I could consider getting a buddy-A friend I could work with to create accountability. I will probably form a writing group, set a writing deadline, and make appointment with the writing center. I may decide to keep my books in full view that should give me a reminder that I need to start a paper. I could allocate rewards to myself after I complete a paper. I could Just sit, enjoy pleasures and let this issue eat deep into me.

If I ask an anti-procrastination counselor for help, he may proffer solutions to this issue, If I ask the supportive people in my life for help, they may be willing to lend a helping hand but they are also human beings who have other responsibilities to take care of , they may not be committed to eloping me, if I get a buddy, he could be of great help to me, if I form a writing group, I may meet people wilt similar challenge, we will work together to achieve great results . F I set a deadline, I may not beat the deadline, If I make an appointment with ten writing center, I could meet peers Ana teen could glove possible solutions, IT I Keep my books out of full view, it could help remind me that an essay is due. If I allocate rewards to myself after completing a paper, it will help me to do more. If I Just sit and enjoy pleasures instead of exploring possible options, I would be soon drowning in he ocean of procrastination.

Having carefully scanned through the possible choices, I think I would ask help from an anti- procrastination counselor, get a buddy for accountability, form a writing group, make appointment with the writing center , keep my books in full view, allocate rewards to myself ,these options are possibly the best choices that should give me an optimal result.