Bronze infuses a unique theme of calm vs.. Storm throughout her novel, Withering Heights. To show this unique clash of elemental forces as best as she can, Bronze utilizes her setting, her relationships, and even the individual characters themselves. First, Emily Bronze portrays her setting with contrasting sides to help support her theme of wild vs.. Tame. The first example she uses is the two houses- Treacherous Grange and Withering Heights. In the novel, Treacherous Grange is the home of the Linton.

Now he Linton are one of the most mannerly, polite, kind, and shy families that someone could ever meet. The Awareness, on the other hand, live at Withering Heights and they are crazy, unkempt, greedy, and wild. Bronze uses these two households to highlight the complete difference that exists between the two environments and therefore the two families But not Just the houses the Bronze uses to set her setting. She also uses the land itself. Both Withering Heights and Treacherous Grange are totally isolated by the outside world for they are surrounded by miles and lies of wild, uncontrollable, and even dangerous moors.

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However, if the reader were to use their own knowledge of the outside world he would remember that It Is neat, tidy, fertilized, and well looked after. Bronze uses this comparison to help the reader see Just how different the two houses are from the regular world. This comparison also helps to explain why some of the characters act as strangely and inhumanely as they do. Overall, Bronze does use the theme of wild vs.. Calm by having extreme comparisons in her setting. She then goes a step further by using it to help define and really characterize her characters.

Secondly, not Just the setting the Bronze tends to show the separate sides of. Bronze uses many of her character? relationships to highlight this extreme theme as well. For instance, take Catherine Awareness and Edgar Linton. In their relationship, Catherine is proud, haughty, violent, and controlling. Edgar on the other hand, Is meek, loving, caring, and basically harmless. Anther example Is Heathenish and Isabella Linton. Heathenish Is angry, aggressive, domineering, and seemingly unstoppable whereas Isabella Is weak, dependent, yielding, and totally infatuated with Heathenish despite his many obvious flaws.

As one can see, each person in these relationships, tend to take on the extreme qualities on the house they came from. Even, the younger Catherine Linton and her cousin Hearten Awareness display some of the qualities common to their individual families. It until the end of the book, when both of these lovers managed to overcome their extreme personality differences, that they finally had the pappy, romantic ending that the older couples never had. So in conclusion, Bronze does put her character together in a way that uses her differing personalities to foil each other.

This then helped to widen the gap further between the contrasting households. However, one of the most extreme things that Bronze resorts to In order to ensure that her theme of calm vs.. Storm Is complete, Is to create characters with completely conflicting personalities as well. First, Bronze create Catherine Awareness. While growing up Cathy Is rude, volatile, spoiled, and undisciplined. However she goes to Treacherous Grange for a few weeks and comes Duck a seemingly Deterrent person: mannerly, quiet, Ana very Klan Ana friendly.

It until later when the reader sees her boxing ears out of frustration and anger, that they realize that she in fact at all. Just got these two very different personalities from which she changes back and forth at will. Not the only on though. Newly, the female servant who narrates the novel and who bounces from house to house also has qualities that match up. At first, whenever with her aster Newly is a very polite, loyal, and faithful servant, appearing to do whatever she can to benefit the master and his family.

However, when the reader sees her interacting with the younger generation (the ones she takes care of) they see a completely different side of her. With the kids like Catherine Awareness, Heathenish, and even Catherine Linton, Newly acts dishonestly and manipulatively, drawing on her own power as servant to act as God (uses her opinion to determine right and wrong) in the household. For example, she tells Catherine to grow up already and treat Heathenish with respect and he acts as matchmaker to get Heathenish with Catherine and later on Lockwood with the younger Catherine.

As one can see, Bronze uses the conflicting sides of her characters to solidify the presence of her theme of wild vs.. Calm and to make her characters more relatable to her readers. All in all, Emily Bronze does write her novel to portray a strong clash of elemental forces (the theme of calm vs.. Storm). To help her get the theme through to her readers, she utilizes the contrasting sides of her setting, her relationships, and her themselves.