The club days has come to its near end. The club started with its last opening prayer as a gratitude for all the guidance and the memories cherished for the whole year. The Young Scientists’ Club conducted the last club day for the completion of the evaluation forms for the Year End Report.

The club officers facilitated the distribution of forms and the tallying of the surveys. The fourth-year members were excused for their graduation practices. Afterwards, on behalf of the Young Scientists’ Club, the club president thanked the club members for Joining this club and experiencing all those memorable occasions. Also, the club president encouraged the club members to continue their stay In this club to deepen their understanding of the Ideals of a scientist.

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The club president highlighted of the possible activities In store for them to experience the following year. Then, the club officers continued their tasks and gave time for rest to the club members after all the hardships and sacrifices they have made throughout the year with the club. Finally, the club ended with their last closing prayer for the whole year that gave gratitude for all the memories, experiences and excitements the club had. The club wished for more to come next year.