You have just been injured as the result of an auto
accident, your doctors are telling you that you are dealing with over a year of
treatments and recovery. You may be wondering what choices you have available
to you so that you can maintain your lively-hood.

You may wonder if Social Security Disability benefits
after an auto accident is something that is available to you or if your
conditions are severe enough to qualify you for the benefits that social security
disability offers.  Lowman Law Firm would
like to help you figure this out and assist you in navigating through the
complicated Social Security system.

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides
benefits to people with qualifying disabilities. Many serious injuries that
people suffer in auto accidents can commonly qualify them for disability

To learn more about seeking SSD/SSDI benefits after suffering
life changing limitations from an auto accident contact The Lowman Law Firm. Not
only can you can speak with a lawyer you can also come into one of our offices
and meet them for your free consultation. Making sure you know all your options
is important to us.

Some people wonder how to recognize if they qualify
for benefits. The simple answer is, it doesn’t matter how you were injured, you
may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. If your injuries are
related to an auto accident or a slip and fall accident – your life has still
been impacted by the negligence of another person.

Just remember, Social Security has guidelines we have
to look at before filing a claim, ask yourself if these questions:

1.     Do
you have a severe mental or physical impairment that has lasted or is expected
to last at least 12 months?

2.     Do
you think you could be trained to do any other type of less demanding work?

3.     Have
you had any substantial gainful activity (work) that pays more than $1180/a
month recently?

4.     Are
you no longer able to do the work that you have done in the past?


Let’s talk about the common injuries we see at Lowman
Law Firm that often time qualify a person for Social Security Disability
benefits. Musculoskeletal System Disorders such as; damage to muscles, ligaments,
bones and tendons. Other common injuries that create lifelong limitations are; Severe
Burns, Spine Injuries, Broken bones/Fractures, Amputations of limbs and Joint
injuries.  Any injuries that affect your
motor skill movements after a serious auto accident (or slip and fall) may mean
that you have a serious lifelong impairment.

Commonly we see clients suffer from Neurological Disorders
such as; Sensory impairment’s (vision and
hearing), Traumatic Brain Injury (speech
impairments, cognitive functioning impairments), Vertigo and much more.

The impairments we just listed are just a few of the
injuries that can qualify you for disability insurance benefits through the
Social Security Administration.  If you did
not see your injury or limitation listed, do not worry, if we can establish
that your injury is “medically equivalent”
to what Social Security classifies as a “listed
limitation” we can still assist you in securing your benefits.