This not only struck me as odd but also as a problem in the society. In Saudi Arabia, where I am originally from, most of the people my age are abroad in college, living with their parents, or learning the family business. If a teenage pregnancy does occur, it is taken care of under Islamic terms. Coming to America and seeing this phenomenon has triggered lots of questions in my mind. How do the parents of the young teens react? Are these teens as promiscuous as I think they are? How are they able to take care of the children they brought Into this world?

And lastly, I would Like to know If these teens were actually dead to be parents? Due to all these questions I decided to seek out a teen mom; her name Is Marl, and she had her first child, Santiago at the age of seventeen. Currently, Maria is twenty-one now and Santiago is four, here is their story. After reading it, I believe you will agree with my thesis, teen mothers should not be ostracizes from society because of the children they bear, instead they should be encouraged to not be a statistic and educated through the societal resources available for them.

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The first question I asked Maria was if she got pregnant because he was out being promiscuous? Although I was quite embarrassed to ask her this question, I wanted to know how many times she had been careless by having unprotected sex. Marl laughed and responded: “It was my first time! ” According to her, one day while hanging out with her very first boyfriend they decided they were ready to have sex. Marl then told me that, without any regard for any of the cautionary tales her mother and other adults had told her she felt she was ready to enter the realm of sex.

According to her sex was not as they advertise it to be; she says she was ” filled with a mixture of curiosity and fear,” but that it she opened and closed her eyes and it was over before she knew it. I realized with interest that Maria had only had sex one time in her life, yet she was in fact a young mother. As soon as she answered my question, I wanted to know how she felt when she found out when she got pregnant, but most importantly, how her parents felt. I proceeded to ask Maria how she found out she was pregnant and most importantly how her parents felt when she told them.

Maria says that she started feeling sick one day, and overall ad. According to her, she was sleeping about twelve hours a day and loosing a lot of weight rapidly. She says that one day she asked her older sister to take her to a pharmacy where she could purchase a pregnancy test. Marl says that she did not even have to look at the test, as soon as she finished she knew, she says the first person seen toll was near older Slater. Marl salad Tanat when seen Taunt out seen was pregnant she did not know what to do with herself she says she was “crying, and laughing, and feeling angry all at the same time. Although she had now assimilated o the situation, it was time to tell her parents. Maria says she first told her mother, whom she then entrusted to tell her father. From what Maria tells me, her mother was very calm and quiet as opposed to her father, who broke down crying. Maria does say that both of her parents pushed her to an abortion but as she says “it was not the right choice. ” Maria says that once she made her decision to keep the baby, her parents were very supportive and started loving their soon to be grandson.

For me, this was even more interesting, since I know for a fact that my parents would kill e if I ever decide to have a child out of wedlock. I immediately wanted to know if her parents still help her to take care of her child or if their support ended at some point. I asked Maria who helped her, if anyone to take care of Santiago. From the outside looking in Maria looks like the average twenty-one year old; she attends community college, has a full-time Job and seems to always be lacking in sleep. Maria told me that at the age of nineteen she decided to get a full time Job and move out with her baby.

Although Maria claims that her parents were great and very helpful, he felt that she needed “to step up and take responsibility for her own child. ” Maria proceeded to start taking classes at her local community college and is now aspiring to be a pediatrician. Although Maria says she has to rely heavily on childcare, she says she understands that these small sacrifices her and Santiago are making will all pay off later. All of the frankness Maria displays while taking care of her child surprised me, because I doubt if I could ever be a good parent, especially at that young age.

Before leaving Maria, I had to ask, did she feel ready to be a parent at event? Maria laughed and quickly responded with at “no way! ” Maria says that no matter the age, no adult is truly ready to have a child; she claims that her decision to have Santiago at a young age simply put her at a higher risk to fail. According to Maria, Santiago was never the problem, he was a human being brought into this world, who simply deserves the best she can possibly give him. As with everything, Maria feels that her and Santiago will face issues, but as long as she has her son she says “she can take over the world. After my interview with Maria, my entire outlook n teen parents changed. At first I was very Judgmental of these young girls, whom I felt, had ruined their lives. Speaking to Maria and meeting Santiago taught me that everyone in life is faced with a different challenge and teen parents are no different. Although Maria has had to sacrifice her social life and her freedom; I believe she sees it as an investment. Although she was not ready to face the everyday challenges that come with being a parent, Maria has managed to break the barriers. Even when people did not believe in her, she believed in herself.

Blaze Olympian once wrote: People not believing in you doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it. Where the most inspirational spirit lies is within you, believe in yourself even when everybody doesn’t. ” I for one, see this quote as an exact description of Maria’s unyielding character, and the testament of a bright future that I for one foresee both for her and Santiago. At the end of the day, I believe that Maria’s story is not only inspiring but also helps teen moms see that they also can do it; with the help of their parents, school and their determination to continue in this American experience.