Zorn Neal Hurst, she uses powerful diction allow readers to get a good, clear sense of her culture during her childhood. Also, she uses manipulations of points of view to present the differing opinions within her household, which give the readers another strong sense of her childhood. Instead of generalizing those early years, Hurst elaborates on specific highlights of her childhood that were Imprinted Into her mind.

We see Zorn Neal Harpoon’s use of Dalton really come out when she talks about he rarities that were In her life. Hurst mentions many things that were “too common”, but only briefly. She recounts the blooms of Cape Jasmine bushes on the sides of the walks and the big chicanery trees “shading the front gate. ” She remembers the “fleshy, white, fragrant blooms” of the bushes like it were yesterday.

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Harpoon’s clear memory of her yard is instilled in the reader, allowing him or her to get a clear, visual representation in their minds by triggering the senses. The reader is able to smell the fragrant blooms and actually see the big trees. Hurst uses imagery when she describes the recollection of the leftover eggs and grapefruits that were used as missiles and hand grenades against the neighbor children. A battle scene with grapefruits and boiled eggs flying everywhere can be depicted in the mind of the reader.

When read, Harpoon’s friendly egg battles and her greatly foliated outdoors have readers think of the fun it must have been back then; it makes them want to Jump right into her story and have fun too. Throughout the passage, readers see Hurst describing the little things from her youth, such as he kind of grass outside of her big barn. These descriptions are the ones that enrich our sense of her culture and her childhood. Language between her and her family is a key aspect in Harpoon’s cultural life.

Readers see that language differs between the individual and another individual along with the generations of the two. With her friends, readers see Hurst using expressions like “chick-amah-chick” and “hide and whoop” to distinguish between the games she played with her friends. Her expressions allow readers to understand her more and really see into her cultural childhood. A lot of times, Just observing the way a person speaks with others without ever even talking to that person before will give the observer Insight to the type of person the Individual Is.

Harpoon’s mother, being from a different generation, uses expressions Like “Jump at De sun. ” Her mother simply wants the best for her children, and by saying Jump at De sun, she Is telling her children to go for their goals and alma high. The meaning behind an expression Is another key that will help an individual understand another, and in this case, readers chive a stronger understanding of the way Hurst lived because it was evident from the passage that she respected and appreciated her mother.

How Hurst interprets her parents’ expressions depends on how she manipulates their points of view. Hurst uses manipulation of point of view to state her interpretation of something her parents or any other individual said. She does this in order to explain her interpretation so that the reader can get the true meaning of it, and realize yet another aspect of her claustrophobia